Mixed Owl


Unique, one of kind owls lovingly hand made using slab & pinch techniques: I never use molds or forms. These owls are built to withstand weather: you can even keep them outdoors by your favorite garden plants, or on the patio table.

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Discover unique, one-of-a-kind owls crafted with care using hand-made slab and pinch techniques, entirely mold-free. These owls are designed to thrive in various weather conditions, making them perfect for adorning your garden or patio.

These owls are handcrafted from a blend of four distinct stoneware clays, marbled together to create captivating patterns and colors, complemented by glazed accents at the base. Each owl is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. After the firing process, lifelike taxidermy glass bird eyes are added for a realistic touch.

Dimensions:7.5″ in height, 5″ in width, and 3.5″ in depth.

Shipping within the USA is included. These unique owls are a perfect addition to your outdoor space.

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