Creating in clay is our passion. We are fascinated with people and animals.
We make ceramic animal sculptures for indoors and outdoors, as well as wall animals, veiled masks and asian and african figures.

We create, design and make all the pieces ourselves – using slab and pinch techniques. We do not use molds or forms. Subtle variations within the piece are generated by using different colored stoneware clays introducing different natural colors. Various textures are also added for accent and to give a sense of fun and elegance.

Everything is high fired to 2300 degrees F. They actually shrink 15% ~ this makes the material hard as stone and water tight so they can be outdoors and withstand all weather.

Our animals have their own unique personalities and look you right in the eye! We feel that personal connection so vital in our work. The addition of hand painted glass taxidermy eyes adds such aliveness!

Our animals touch peoples hearts! They are realistic with a touch of whimsy!

We welcome commissions, if there is something special you have in mind please let us know!

We welcome you to visit our home studio in Sedona where you can view all of our available pieces. Please contact us to make an appointment.