Huge Table Frog


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These whimsical ceramic frogs are lovingly hand sculpted using slab & pinch techniques: I never use molds or forms. They are made with the intention of looking in your eyes a whatever height you place them which makes them endearing they make you smile! They are designed to withstand weather and outdoor conditions so you can keep him outside on your patio, garden, or keep him indoors where you’ll visit him even more frequently!

Frogs are powerful totems in many traditions around the world. The frog is traditionally associated with the cleansing and transformational power of water. He helps guide us through times of change and growth. In Feng Shui, Frogs are a sign of wealth and prosperity. They bring energy and abundance into what ever spaces you place them. Their name in Japanese means “will return again”.

Each frog is a unique, one of a kind piece of art, so glaze colors and artwork patterns will vary and each has its own personality.

The dimensions of this frog is 9″h x 15.25″w x 13.5″d.

Shipping will be determined on purchase or inquiry.

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